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What to wear with equestrian

There are many reasons why equestrian style boots are favored by trendsetting girls all over the world.For one thing, the low or flat heels make them super comfortable.Then there is the flattering shape;The stiff, wide shaft creates the illusion of slimmer legs.Also, riding boots are very versatile and can be worn with many different outfits, from blue jeans and tees to pretty sundresses.Putting together an ensemble to wear with your own riding boots is easy once you have some inspiration to guide you.

When the weather warms up in the spring, you may think that your riding boots need to be moved to ralph lauren polo city the back of your closet until fall arrives.But in actuality, you can wear them all year long, since they work very well with shorter clothing styles.Go boho and wear them with a pair of jean shorts and a loose fit camisole or peasant top.Or, try them on for size with a mini skirt and button front shirt.Also, wear knee high cotton socks pulled up so that they just peak out from the top of your boots.This will help keep your feet cool and dry and add some more detail to your outfit.

One of the most intriguing aspects of equestrian boots is that they allow you to quickly pull an outfit together with very little effort.This is why they have become such a popular footwear choice to wear with jeans.The casual look of jeans and a plaid shirt immediately becomes chic when your throw on a well made pair of riding boots. (Toss on a nice fedora or knit hat to finish off your ensemble. )You can even wear the boots with leggings.On top, just add a long tunic top polo ralph lauren outlet online italia or oversized sweatshirt.

Wearing a pair of equestrian boots with a dress creates an intriguing dichotomy of feminine and masculine styles.This holds especially true if your frock is very sweet, polo ralph lauren italia outlet printed with a bright floral pattern or rendered in a lightweight airy cotton fabric.If you aren't much of a girly girl, the boots can also be worn with a more streamlined dress that has a simple, straight silhouette.Bulky sweater dresses are another option.Wear one with some dark tights and your equestrian boots for a fashionable fall ensemble.

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