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13 Feb 15 - 19:49

Join cnn for our trayvon martin town hall

The young man's death has created an undeniable and important dialogue in this country, and now cnn wants to hear from you.

Thisthursday, march 29that8pmetat cnn studios innew york city, we are holding atrayvon martin town hall trayvon:Race and justice in america.Point"Anchorsoledad o'brien will host, and we want to hear what you have to say about this issue.Should people who aren't police officers take the law into their own hands?Do you believe george zimmerman should be arrested or not?We are looking to hear all opinions on this story and we want you to be in our studio audience.You must be 18 and older to attend.

Can we set race aside and review the actual statute for a minute, please?

Section 776.041(2)Of the fl stAtute stAtes thAt justificAtion descriBed in the preceding sections of this chApter [stAnd your ground lAw] is not AvAilABle to A person who initiAlly provokes the use of force AgAinst himOrherself unless(A)Such force is so great that the person reasonaBly Believes that heOrshe is in imminent danger of deathOrgreat Bodily harm and that heOrshe has exhausted every reasonaBle means to escape such danger other than the use of force which is likely to cause deathOrgreat Bodily harm to the assailant;Or(B)In good fAith, the person withdrAws from physicAl contAct with the AssAilAnt And indicAtes cleArly to the AssAilAnt thAt heOrshe desires to withdrAw And terminAte the use of force, But the AssAilAnt continuesOrresumes the use of force.

Let assume that zimmerman is telling the truth when he says that trayvon was on top of him, banging his head into the ground.That would mean that trayvon had both of his hands on zimmerman head, so zimmerman arms hands were free.It seems to me that according to the statute, in order for the stand your ground law to apply to zimmerman, he would have to demonstrate that he every reasonable means to escape such danger other than the use of force which is likely to cause death or great bodily harm to the assailant.You mean to tell me that zimmerman couldn with his arms push that skinny boy off of him?He couldn punch him?He couldn hit him with the butt of the gun?

The florida statute makes clear provisions stating that you can not invoke the stand your ground law if you fight back against a law enforcement officer who is pursuing you(776.051).It also makes it clear that the law enforcement officer is entitled to use necessary deadly force if attacked while pursuing someone(776.05).The existence of that provision to me says that a distinction is to be made between when someone is pursued by a law enforcement officer when they are pursued by another person.Zimmerman was not a law enforcement officer, therefore he cannot invoke the stand your ground law if trayvon fought back against his pursuer.

George zimmerman is going to prison.

March 29, 2012 at 2:31 pm

People people people that all you people can say!People ruining an man life? !? !? !If he had shot a white child, you comments would be more along the line of illegals killing innocent white children.INot racist, but every time someone uses the term people they are identifying themselves as a racist.Why are you so upset that people are rallying for justice?Are they on your front porch?Are they spending your time and money?Are you a close friend or relative of zimmer?No?Then shut the hell up!Thank god for loud mouth people like al sharpton.How long has rush been on the waves preaching his hatred of every race besides the white without repercussions, claiming it was all in jest and for ratings, until he messed with the wrong white woman?No one is asking for your white guilt, this shouldn be about color, but it is because of people like you.

April 4, 2012 michael kors handbags outlet at 2:06 am

This was not a race issue until jesse jackson and al sharpton turned it into a focus of their race baiting agenda.The media has been cheap michael kors bags very irresponsible in reporting this.The picture of martin that they are showing on tv is from he was younger, reports are of when he was 12.He was 17.Of course it will pull on someone heart strings seeing a child gunned down.This simply was not the case.

This turned into a black and white issue when this was reported poorly and the media manipulated the images on tv, creating easy fodder for so called black leaders.Congratulations for making sharpton and jackson media clowns again for their racially dividing agenda.Their was a time and place for them at some point, now is not one of them, and this case isn it either.

In the end of the day, this was just another shooting orchestrated the same way it plays out in most major cities daily that we turn a blind eye to.This is not a black and white issue folks, lets not be tricked into thinking otherwise.

Apparently, even certain members of congress think they get a free pass by throwing martin namesake out and dressing up in a hoodie in the halls of congress.For those that don know, you get tossed out for that.How about taking responsibility for your actions instead of blaming someone else?I fully aware that our so called or commander in chief obama offers a poor example of how to take responsibility for any actions, loving to point the finger at others regardless of what situation is on his plate.

The root of the issue here goes back to proper parenting.Discipline needs to be instilled into children, regardless of what the hippie people who say that this bring violence.Kids today would all benefit from spankings.Martin likely needed one after his suspension from school.

March 28, 2012 at michael kors handbags outlet 3:17 pm

Some folks are so out of touch with reality.If a man follows and harrasses you is it really so hard to understand why he will get knocked out?He had no uniform, no badge, no identification, no police car, nothing!Are you?Would you stop for some random dude telling you to stop and come here?Hell no!He deserved to get knocked to the ground.If he couldn defend himself without killing someone, he should thought about that before he decided to continually harass a kid who was minding his own damn business.Zimmerman created the problem.He created the confrontation.He ignited it all.That is why he should arrested.That is why we are mad.If someone follows me and around and harasses me i might very well do exactly what trayvon martin did, whoop his ass!Is that not self defense as well?Would i be wrong?Would i deserve to die?

We can no longer allow people to think that the life of a black child is irrelevent.We must speak out.It not okay that our children spend years in prison.It not okay for our children to not get jobs.It not okay for our children to be excluded from college.It not okay for our children to get a crappy education.It not okay for our children to not health care.It not okay for our children to racially profiled.It not okay for our children to be killed in drive by enough is enough.

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